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Photographic Transfer Services                      
TESTIMONIAL:  "I literally have tears of joy and gratitude in my eyes as I review the pictures you have beautifully restored for me. Your work COMPLETELY exceeds my expectations for what I thought was possible with these photos. You have given me a part of my family's history back that has deep meaning. One of the photos which I thought was "lost" is of a dear deceased loved one, of whom we have almost no pictures of---now we do. Thank you so very much for being the expert and professional that you are. Your service is an amazing value. I feel tremendously fortunate to have found you! Thank you again."--Kelly P. 

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DC Reproductions knows color! When it comes to restoration of slides and photographs, Dawn is extremely gifted at achieving the very best digital reproduction possible.

“A family photo is a precious record of our past. It breaks my heart when families throw out a slide or photo that became discolored or faded. Debates over who gets the family photographic archive can also put distance between brothers and sisters.” This does not have to happen – have your slides transferred to CD.

You’ll be interested in knowing:

  • Slide scanning to CD can restore, enhance, and preserve family memories
  • CD copies are an economical approach to sharing family photos
  • Older slides can be scanned, restored, and preserved for future generations
  • Family archives can be protected from storm damage - transfer them to easily packed CDs
  • Index prints can enhance ease in managing electronic images

Brevard County residents, don't entrust your precious slides, family photos, and VHS home movies to a mail-order service. DC Reproductions will personally receive and return your originals in the condition they were received.

View the photo transfer page and you will understand why Dawn is in such high demand!


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